Nancy Binay is offending me


Nancy Binay is offending me because maybe she thinks I…


1. am A name-recall-voter – maybe she thinks and assumes every Filipino looks up to his Dad who happens to be the former Mayor of Makati City and now a Vice President who also kept on bragging how ‘he himself’ made Makati the way it is today. And that by having a Binay last name would automatically grant her a Senate seat. Wait, isn’t she married? Then why not use her husband’s last name? Oh, let’s ask the real people of Makati, what Makati really is like before and during the Binay regime?

2. am Illiterate – That I cannot read nor write to research her credentials and track records (if there’s any). Or maybe she thinks we are a family of illiterates who does the “pick-a-boom” selection during elections.

3. love Campaign Ads – that I will be persuaded by her TVC which shows how motherly she can be in the Senate. Excuse me, last time I checked, there’s no nursery there that badly needs breastfeeding and diapers.

4. am hungry for flowery words – “Education to Employment.” If this is true, then why not emancipate herself from her father’s arms and start having her own? She has the education, why not go out and look for her own employment? “Kay Nancy Binay, mga bata gaganda ang buhay.” Oh, last time I was in Makati, I ended up tweeting DSWD. Why? Oh yes, street children. “Nanay de Pamilya.” – this line is a joke. Seriously.


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5. believe in surveys – that I have the mentality to only vote for those who are in the top 12 because my vote will be wasted if I will still vote for those who are in the 13th and below spots. Guess what, I do NOT believe in any politically/campaign motivated surveys. Surveys have lots of factors and so as statistics. Results can be predicted and modified based on the different variables or data supplied. Oh well, I need not to go further.

6. am Stupid – I am under the impression that maybe she is assuming that I am stupid, idiot and a moron that I have no capacity to think who I should vote for. Well, I am not. I am a smart voter and please read number 7.


7. will vote for her – because she looks nice. Please. Of course, I will NOT vote for her. Again, I am NOT voting Nancy Binay. I am not going to vote for someone who claims that she is so concerned with the protection of the mothers and infants and at the same time is an anti-RH law. Contradicting yourself ma’am, really? I am also NOT going to vote for someone who said that she is not in favor of divorce because, and I quote: ”Will divorce give jobs? Will it mean more food for people?…” Wow! Talk about apples versus oranges. Again and again, I will NOT vote for Nancy Binay because she cannot even present herself in public debates/forums to showcase her intellect. Being in the senate will expose a person to rigid intellectual discourse. If she cannot even once, attend and participate in any debate, what will she do in the Senate then? Sit in the corner and sip a hot steaming chamomile tea? Or will she only talk when she has her notes, script? Please, we already have several senators doing it now, I don’t need another one. I am NOT going to vote for Nancy Binay simply because she is not qualified to be on my list  of Senators. She did not meet my required qualifications to become one. She simply failed.

And for those of you who keeps on defending her that she is not the one to be blamed for running because she was just convinced by her Dad, please! She’s already 39yo, can’t she decide on her own? can’t she think on her own? She is her own self. She is she. She presents herself that she can give employment to everyone when she herself doesn’t have a real job on her own. All these criticisms hurt? Oh yes, sure it does. Daddy should’ve warned her. Or maybe Daddy was very assuring that she will win. Well, let’s see.



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As one quote says:

“Election day is when citizens are most powerful. It is the day when they can influence the government.”

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