An ignored email by Mar Roxas and LRT

This was the email that I sent regarding the use of the LED TVs and yes no one replied.



Since almost all the stations have now several LCD screens installed on the platform areas and are now showing several advertisements to the public which obviously generates extra revenue. It’s a good step for our transit industry to follow the vision of leading transport system in SEA which in this case is Singapore. Please take time to watch the video on the link I pasted below:

This video is continiously playing on all the LCD screens at all MRT stations in Singapore. Yes, they have advertisements which are good for business purposes but almost 70% of the time, the video above is being played. Why? Because they think that passengers’ safety is more important than revenues generating from advertisements. And I ultimately agree to that principle. Security and Safety has long been the number one challenge our transport system is facing, and I guess having this kind of video playing on the screens in each station will help the public be aware of the danger we might face if we ourselves are not vigilant.

Thank you.


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