Juan’s fury. Hindrance.

I woke up at 4am today with the sound of strong winds and heavy rain outside. I knew that I will be late for work. After an hour or so, electricity become intermittent and the cable TV is dumped.

So I looked on Twitter using my phone and saw this twitpic from @dost_pagasa. Damn! Now I know why Juan is still so furious, it covers the whole Metro Manila.

October 19, 2010 • 5:15AM MNL

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Juan, the land fall.

Super Typhoon October 18, 2010
International name: MEGI
Local Name: JUAN

This is the image of the Super Typhoon’s landfall in the Philippines. It’s a category 5 typhoon according to CNN. I heard on the radio that its radius is more than 350KM. It’s so huge, it almost covers the whole island of Luzon.

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Brazo de Mercedes

Oh yeah!!! Sweet love! This cake was out-of-stock at the nearest branch from our house so I traveled 15mins to go to the next branch. Luckily, I was able to buy the last half-roll! I was actually planning to buy a whole roll but half-roll would be enough to satisfy myself.

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Cake not tasted

October 15, 2010

My Dad’s Birthday was on the 12th but we chose to go to the cemetery today due to my work schedule and this was the first time we visited our Dad’s grave in a very long time. I’m with my two youngest siblings, Paolo and Jem Gem.

We went to the Cemetery, placed some flowers and lit two candles. The memory was so vivid during my Dad’s internment 6 years ago. It was gloomy and raining as if the sky was in sorrow, the rain drops as tears flow down on our cheeks as we took our final deep glance on the first man we knew and loved, our Dad.

After praying we headed straight to our Dad’s home in Manila where he grew up. We visited his 88 year old mom who happens to be our Grandma.

We had our early lunch together then talked and bonded for several hours. It was such a very nice feeling to talk to your Grandma who is very funny, it’s very fascinating because at her age, her memory was so sharp.  She knows every birthday of all of her 9 children and also the death days of the 5.

After hours of talking and laughing we left and went home.

Sadly, Dad didn’t get the chance of tasting this chocolate cake we bought for him. =(

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His Last Breath

His Last Breath

Living a life with something important that’s part of your everyday life is indeed fulfilling without thinking that that something will never leave you. It is more fulfilling if that something is a person who is very important in to you. A person, who shared his blood with you, shared the air that you breathe. A person who first taught you to be a good son, to respect women the same way you respect your mother. But what if that person left you to soon even before you can show to him that you loved him so dearly and that you appreciate him as your father?


My Dad passed away last June 2004; he was murdered by a suspect that no law of man can kill, “Cancer”. He was diagnosed of colon cancer late year 2003 and was confined in the hospital for more than 2 months last 2004. Series of tests and preparation was done for his operation but his body disagreed. He went home. After more or less than a month at home, he passed away. It was around 8 in the morning when I heard my mom cried his name. I saw my mom holding my Dad’s hand while praying. I am not sure if I am lucky or not to see how he gasped for his last breath. He’s gone.

That was the most sorrowful morning of my life. Waking up means new beginning, but on that day I woke up to witness how my Dad’s life ended. I did not cry but I was stunned. I knew that day was coming but not very soon. In a span of less than a year after he was diagnosed, cancer did all it can to murder my Dad.

I regret all the things that I have not done for him. There are still lots of “what ifs” going on in my mind up to this day. But one thing that I am proud of was to talk to him 6 hours before he died. That talk was very heart-breaking, emotional and painful. I did not know that it will be our last conversation but it seemed like it was a “reassurance-everything-is-okay talk”. And it turned out to be a “Letting Go”.


Today was supposed to be his 62nd Birthday; he stopped aging when he was 55 years old.



In Memoriam – Nicolas C. De Vera | October 12, 1948 – June 4, 2004


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