Nancy Binay is offending me


Nancy Binay is offending me because maybe she thinks I…


1. am A name-recall-voter – maybe she thinks and assumes every Filipino looks up to his Dad who happens to be the former Mayor of Makati City and now a Vice President who also kept on bragging how ‘he himself’ made Makati the way it is today. And that by having a Binay last name would automatically grant her a Senate seat. Wait, isn’t she married? Then why not use her husband’s last name? Oh, let’s ask the real people of Makati, what Makati really is like before and during the Binay regime?

2. am Illiterate – That I cannot read nor write to research her credentials and track records (if there’s any). Or maybe she thinks we are a family of illiterates who does the “pick-a-boom” selection during elections.

3. love Campaign Ads – that I will be persuaded by her TVC which shows how motherly she can be in the Senate. Excuse me, last time I checked, there’s no nursery there that badly needs breastfeeding and diapers.

4. am hungry for flowery words – “Education to Employment.” If this is true, then why not emancipate herself from her father’s arms and start having her own? She has the education, why not go out and look for her own employment? “Kay Nancy Binay, mga bata gaganda ang buhay.” Oh, last time I was in Makati, I ended up tweeting DSWD. Why? Oh yes, street children. “Nanay de Pamilya.” – this line is a joke. Seriously.


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5. believe in surveys – that I have the mentality to only vote for those who are in the top 12 because my vote will be wasted if I will still vote for those who are in the 13th and below spots. Guess what, I do NOT believe in any politically/campaign motivated surveys. Surveys have lots of factors and so as statistics. Results can be predicted and modified based on the different variables or data supplied. Oh well, I need not to go further.

6. am Stupid – I am under the impression that maybe she is assuming that I am stupid, idiot and a moron that I have no capacity to think who I should vote for. Well, I am not. I am a smart voter and please read number 7.


7. will vote for her – because she looks nice. Please. Of course, I will NOT vote for her. Again, I am NOT voting Nancy Binay. I am not going to vote for someone who claims that she is so concerned with the protection of the mothers and infants and at the same time is an anti-RH law. Contradicting yourself ma’am, really? I am also NOT going to vote for someone who said that she is not in favor of divorce because, and I quote: ”Will divorce give jobs? Will it mean more food for people?…” Wow! Talk about apples versus oranges. Again and again, I will NOT vote for Nancy Binay because she cannot even present herself in public debates/forums to showcase her intellect. Being in the senate will expose a person to rigid intellectual discourse. If she cannot even once, attend and participate in any debate, what will she do in the Senate then? Sit in the corner and sip a hot steaming chamomile tea? Or will she only talk when she has her notes, script? Please, we already have several senators doing it now, I don’t need another one. I am NOT going to vote for Nancy Binay simply because she is not qualified to be on my list  of Senators. She did not meet my required qualifications to become one. She simply failed.

And for those of you who keeps on defending her that she is not the one to be blamed for running because she was just convinced by her Dad, please! She’s already 39yo, can’t she decide on her own? can’t she think on her own? She is her own self. She is she. She presents herself that she can give employment to everyone when she herself doesn’t have a real job on her own. All these criticisms hurt? Oh yes, sure it does. Daddy should’ve warned her. Or maybe Daddy was very assuring that she will win. Well, let’s see.



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As one quote says:

“Election day is when citizens are most powerful. It is the day when they can influence the government.”

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274 thoughts on “Nancy Binay is offending me

      • very nice blog…trying to find a way to share this on fb…i just hope its not just us who have access to the internet who can read this and be aware of all these things…

      • ok nandon na ako. she’s not qualified. Pero tanoing lng sir. Bakit si Nancy Binay lng ang tinitira mo? sana mas maganda kng lahat ng candidate na d qualified para malaman ng taong bayan.


        • Ako rin po naniniwala na hindi lang si Nancy ang hindi qualified. Pero at least yung iba gusto talaga nilang tumakbo. SIla ang nagdesisyon at kahit papano siguro naging baranggay captain rin sila. Hindi katulad ni Nancy Binay na grumaduate ng Tourism at LAST MINUTE lang napasubo sa pagtakbo bilang senador dahil inoffer sakanya. Anong problema? Hindi naman talaga niya to balak. Wala syang mga plano. Wala syang experience. Pati kurso nya sa kolehiyo wala namang kinalaman sa pagkasenador. Ano balak nya gawin sa senado? maging nanay? Para sa kaalaman ninyo hindi pamilya ang senado. Maraming mga seryosong pagdedebate at kritikal na pag iisip ang kelangan dun. Walang lugar ang senado para sa mga tulad nya na hindi man lang alam kung ano ang senador.

      • I just wish the those who don’t have Taxpayer’s Identification Numbers be deprived from voting. They are what we call the “Masa.” Unfortunately, they outnumber the tax payers 20-to-1, and that’s what’s been happening back from day 1. They are the ones who are easily fooled or the ones who willingly sell their votes. Unless this problem is resolved, I fear that she, and others like her, are guaranteed a seat in the positions they are running for

        • Ignorant fool. You dont need to have a TIN to pay your tax. Have you heard about e-vat? Every filipino who consumes food, buy clothes and other commodities, automatically tax 12% goes to tax. Just because you have a TIN that makes you a better person…

          • You’re the one who is ignorant, and a completely small-fry minded fool. You think that 12% tax that you are talking about was what I meant? That 12% you’re blabbering about means NOTHING to the tax that is being cut off from the salary of hardworking citizens in the corporate and technical worlds of employment in the Philippines. Sure, Even a simple-minded salary-man can pay that dust spec of a twelve-percent-of-a-one-thousand-peso-billing when you pay for energy consumption and other necessities, but that is not even worth thinking of on what the gluttonous government is cutting of from the salary of those in the corporate employment, (e.g. 30% of a Php 250,000.00) —-> take into account that they don’t collect from only ONE employee but a lot, and for what, PORK BARREL?

            So yeah, before shooting off your mouth I suggest you use your brain. Do not worry. IT’S FOR FREE, so I don’t see why you find it so hard to do so.

          • he’s referring to those that pay income tax!not because you buy food from Jollibee makes you a tax payer.

        • Transportation using crude has VAT and so foods, electricity, water services, and all things you buy and almost all the things you do. They have taxes. Lahat po tayo taxpayers. haist

          • You miss my point. I was talking about the TAX being cut off from those who have TIN. Ung inaawas pa sa sweldo bukod sa nabanggit mo. Dahil un ung talagang significant na talagang gumuguhit , and cannot be disregarded, taking into account kung magkano ina-alot ng gobyerno sa mga kakandidato para lang sa campaigns nila. Milyones din un. Ung mga may TIN na nagtatrabaho ang nagsa-suffer dahil mas marami ung mga mahihirap, na wala namang ibinabayad sa gobyerno (e.g. mga Illegal settlers) at ung mga mangmang na bumoboto sa artista, yet, allowed parin bumoto. So kung ang inaalala mo eh ung tax na ina-awas sayo kuno sa pagbili mo ng damit o isang bag ng sitsirya, Malamang di mo nga alam ang ibig kong sabihin. -.-

            • milyones ba ang tax mo kung maka-demand ka?! kesehodang maliit na tax ang binabayaran ng maliliit na tao para sa basic necessities nila, malaking amount na yun kasi po kakarampot ang sahod na yun, mababawasan pa ng tax na sabi mo nga eh napupunta sa pork barrel. wag mong angkinin ang pagiging biktima ng pagnanakaw ng mga buwitre sa gobyerno, di lang ikaw ang pilipino, ugok!

              • Maybe ung binabayarang kong tax eh hindi aabot ng milyon, but I am DEAD sure na mas mataas ang binabayaran kong TAX kesa sayo. Burn for all I care. Ang pinaglalaban mong tax eh ung mga tig titingi tingi inaawas pag bumibili ka, kamo. Eh ang di mo nagets, Kaming mga empleyado may pwersahan pang kinukuha which is the 32% of our monthly income. plus ung mga tigtitingi pa na pinaglalabani mo, which is sa liit nang un kumpara sa income tax namin eh masama pa ang loob mo. I am speaking for us employees na nababawasan ng income tax.. Dahil sa kakitiran ng utak mo sir/ma’am, I daresay that you are not even in a level of work to be qualified as a “REAL EMPLOYEE”

                • Hindi lahat ng empleyado ay marangal at hindi lahat ng walang trabaho ay bobo. Hinay hinay lang po. Kesehodang may income tax o wala, pantay pantay angkarapatan natin bilang mgapilipino.

                  • Hindi usapan dito ung karangalan ng empleyado. For as long as katulad ko siya na binabawasan ng income tax, I speak for him/her as well. Besides I doubt there exists a line of work na hindi marangal na binabawasan ng INCOME TAX ung mga nagtatrabaho, is there? If there is, I have no idea what they are. Basa-basa din kasi. Wala akong sinabing bobo ung mga walang trabaho and lalong wala akong sinabing lahat, those are YOUR words, not mine. iba ang BOBO sa Makitid ang utak. know the difference. In regards sa karapatan, It’s always been that way for how many years now. PANTAY PANTAY? Please, stop living in your world of illusion and wake up to reality. Unqualified Politicians use that as a good excuse. Tignan mo nlng resulta ng election as of this writing. Anong pantay pantay ang sinasabi mo? It’s unfair for us na binabawasan ng income tax ang nangyayari, dahil PERA nanaman namin ang nakataya. Sabihan nyo na akong mapang-mata, di ko idedeny, pero totoo sinasabi ko. Ung mga alas namin nasa bingit ng bottom 5 within the top 12 at ung iba wala pa nga, Pano, nanalo nnmn ang mas nakararami, ung mga “WISE” and “PURE-OF-HEART-AND-MIND” voters. Haha.

                  • Ang dali kasing sabihin eh no? ” Kesehodang may income tax o wala, pantay pantay angkarapatan natin bilang mgapilipino.”

                    F**K that shit. It shouldn’t be that way.

        • Hi! I agree with some of the points that you’ve stated, pero kung tatangalan ng rights yung mga tao na walang TIN number parang inalasin na rin sila ng identity as Filipinos, hindi kaya mas mag karoon ng masamang epekto yun? Hindi naman lahat ng “illegal settlers” ay hindi marunong pumili ng tamang kandidato, meron din naman ang nasa tamang pag iisip, and panno ang mga college students na wala pang TIN number? Hindi rin sila pwede bumoto? Parang napaka discriminating at selfish lang ng idea nung sa TIN number.

          • Good inquiry sir/ma’am, I can see your point. but I regret nothing of what I said. I really think (personal opinion, which some morons here have the astoundingly highest difficulty of understanding) na ung mga walang INCOME TAX (all caps na yan para MALINAW) ay tanggalan ng karapatang bumoto. You were right about something, na meron din namang mga mahihirap at walang kayang nasa tamang pag-iisip, but unless there’s a way to pick them out most accurately, letting the majority of them in that stature to vote won’t change a thing. Let’s admit it, marami sa kanila walang pinag-aralan. So dahil nga wala silang pinag-aralan, they cling to what’s familiar, specifically ung mga napapanood nila sa television. At dahil nga roon, sa pagboto nila sa kung ano ang “SIKAT” nasasang-alang-ala na sila ang MASA o ang nakararami (the very thing that some greedy and artist-politicians are taking advantage of), ung mga binabawasan ng malaki man or maliit sa kanilang INCOME TAX, ay ang tiyak na magsa-suffer na matalo ung kandidatong alam nilang talagang may mangyayaring pagbabago, gamit ang pera mula sa parehong INCOME TAX at ung tax na pinaglalaban ng makikitid ang utak dito (galing sa every day necessities). Wala eh, tambak sa bilang e. Involving the college students, There’s still something they can do to let their voices be heard. It’s only a matter of will power and patriotism. There’s always a way, if there’s a will. Di ko na kailangang isa isahin pa. It is discriminating, YES, that is the truth, tama po kayo dun. but that is the only way. If you are a hardworking employee na pwersahang binabawasan ng income tax, I’m sure you’ll understand kung ano po ung gusto kong iparating 🙂

            Dun sa mga pinaglalaban ung tax from the purchase of everyday needs (ung 12%), maliit lang na tax yan. Di yan iniiyakan.
            Those who work on menial jobs who have relatively low salary (e.g. Daily Wage workers), Wala nang inaawas sa kanila na INCOME TAX. Kung ang halimbawang isang jeepney/tricycle/taxi/bus driver ay magkaroon man ng isa,dalawa,tatlo,apat o limang anak na pinapalamon kasama ang isa, dalawa, tatlo, apat o limang asawa nito tapos nagsusugal pa, at naaawa din kayo sa kanila dahil may kasama pang tax ung ibabayad nilang pambili ng sardinas, KASALANAN nila un kung bakit ganun. Maawa kayo hanggang magsawa kayo.

            Ung tax na VAT, natural yan. Give something in exchange for what you need. Give and take ang VAT eh. Ang masaklap, ung INCOME TAX. What, you’ll take a ridiculous percent off from our salary for working our asses off and burning our brains out? Ung 30% (wouldn’t have minded kung hindi ganyan kalaki… nampucha, 30% mga tol…. 30%!!!!!!) na kinukha ng gobyerno from income tax, pwede nang pang tuition fee ni junjun ng ilang buwan sa elementarya, investment, SSS o savings … In other words ang dami nang pwedeng gawin sa ganoon kalaking pera (yet you dare compare that sa do – se pesos na VAT pag bumili kayo ng isang paborito meal sa Mang Inasal, at GALIT pa kayo nun.) At hindi bilang sa daliri ng mga kamay (o kahit isama mo pa sa paa sige) ang mga inaawasan ng income tax. Buti sana kung ramdam na bumabalik eh (As in EQUAL ung binabalik sa sinisingil). Eh magpaayos lang o magpagawa ng tulay sa kung anong sinumpang lugar ang sasabihin pa “PROJECT of {insert politician’s name here} ” kasama pang naka-paskil ung mga mukha nilang ang sarap ibaon sa lupa. Pero ung perang ginamit KABAN ng bayan. Di ko na kailangang sabihing vote wisely. It’s only the course of action for everyone.

            • korek..yung mga bumoto sa walang credibilidad yun yung mga taong hindi nakakaramdam na “ginugulangan sila ng gobyerno”.yang vat na yan anjan na yan eh..pero yung tax na nanggagaling sa pinaghirapan natin yun yung mabigat..ang dami ng mangmang sa panahon ngayon,pinili nila yung taong may pangalan kesa sa taong me napatunayan..yung 20years ng buhay mo sa magulang ikaw nagsilbi?tapos bigla bigla kang tatakbo ng senador,lahat ng bagay dapat magsimula sa maliit bakit sa taas agad sya..tapos sasabihin ng iba wag manghusga subukan daw tsk..walang kwenta

      • christian is right. ur not an idiot but others are. I totally agree with you. Hoping that every one would be smart enough to know this. Good luck to us!

    • She will definitely win if we will not change our mindset… If this blog will open up the minds of the Filipinos, then as a democracy, we can exercise our inherent right to alleviate the political unrest in the Philippines. We are being led to believe that she what the country needs towards a positive change. If we will let ourselves be deceived by empty promises, we are basically accepting that we are fools ourselves! wake up Filipino people!

      In the case of Nancy Binay, she does not intend to attend to political debates. Through these discussions, we can have a good glimpse of her true self. Assuming that she unfortunately gets elected as a senator, how can does she intend to defend her ground during Senate deliberations if she does not know how to effectively express her point? When she said we was pushed by his father’s political party into running in the senatorial race, does that mean that she will just rely on the same force behind her all through her walk as a Senator?

      Always remember this: when majority believes on something does not necessarily make it the truth. Everybody is acting like a fool, so why not start thinking smart and stand for what you know is the truth. Don’t you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in and not just to rely on someone else who you admit yourself is just using us?

      If nothing will change in out attitude towards the political environment in the Philippines, then we as a country of free people are defeating the purpose of establishing a democracy! Our government is nothing different from an oligarchy. The natural consequence of this apparent apathy, in relation to Nancy Binay, is: She had already won the election even before we cast our votes. How sad…

      This goes as well with the other candidates who have the capacity to run, but not the qualities to lead. Not just Nancy Binay, there are also others who must not have a seat in the Halls of the Philippine Senate. This I say to my fellow countrymen:

      The power to change our country lies in our hands, the Filipino people, and this power we must entrust to our leaders. Don’t let this power we used against us by those who we choose to exercise it.


    • thank you sir for sharing.even i didnt read this stil idont like nancy binay.i will vote for richard gordon,loren legarda,chez escudero,hagedorn,cayetano,casino,magsaysay,and 1 more

    • EXCUSE ME! I don’t believe “almost every Pinoy idiot”! It’s just that more Filipinos are poor and have a need that these old politicians attend to and they know how to use the situation for their own advantage. And since Filipinos are very grateful people, ‘utang-na-loob’ is an indigenous concept that voting for the old politicians who helped them, even though they know that it will be bad for the entire country, they will still vote for them out of gratefulness for what the old politicians did for them when they were in need. There’s a whole Filipino psyche on this and you can not simply generalize that it is idiocy when you don’t really understand the context and the culture. Lest, your own ignorance may be called– you’re an idiot!

  1. You are barking at the wrong tree! It’s not Nancy to be blamed. It’s Jejomar Binay himself. She wouldn’t run if her father didn’t push her. And that’s exactly how Jejomar Binay is treating the Filipino peole – bunch of idiots!

    • Thanks for reading sir. But no, I cannot leave her alone! Yes it’s a circus, so what? Are we just gonna leave it that way and enjoy the merry-go-round ride? Honestly, I am not enjoying it! That’s why I need to speak up!

      • We must end the apathetic way of thinking… “ganyan na lahat yan, wala tayong magagawa” , “pareho lang silang lahat”.

        We cannot give up on us….

        We got to stand-up against these UnfaithPolitiko… Kunsintelitiko… Binaybaboy nila tayo!

    • How can we change the political landscape of our country if we voters thinks the way Valentino thinks…Ano yun bahala na si batman and expect for the worse…hahahaha

    • Then when should we stop putting clowns in the government, sir? the Philippines and the Filipino deserve better leaders. We should act now or else we suffer.

    • Isa ka sa mga nkakaraming pinoy kung bkit ganito ang bansa ntin ngaun!! Change yourself and grow up, kahit may edad kana! Hindi pa huli..

    • Please don’t praise her by calling her a clown. At least clowns are funny and some of them are actually smart. She’s just a wannabe. If i go to a circus a want to watch a good clown perform not the janitor or something. XD

    • we don’t need a noob clown..a noob clown na hindi marunong magpaligaya at magpasaya sa audience..ang gagawin nya lang sa circus pag sya ay naupo ay magmukmok sa sulok, pag nasumbatan aatakihin ng kanyang panic attack then alam nyu na..patawarin natin sya pag hindi nya alam ang kanyang pinapasok..oras na nanalo sya..tapos ndi nya nakayanan ang pressure at stress sa senado baka tumalon na rin sya sa MRT..anyway pang 3rd sya sa SWS dahil dyan nasira araw ko..ishare ang article na toh kahit sa pahayagan at sa tv..

    • true! it is indeed a circus! Why let another CLOWN join the parade?! When YOU yourself can make a change! It starts with ONE, it will always start with ONE! ONE person who speaks up for his point of view.. Then others realize.. then follow.. THERE COMES CHANGE. Its never too late to make a CHANGE, That’s the only permanent thing in this world. CHANGE. So if you really want us to make a difference? then have hope in the system! don’t just think about yourself. Think of the others, less fortunate ones who believe all this shit. We gotta look out for each other, were filipinos. Tama na crab mentality! hilahan dapat pataas!

  2. Blame both the general population and Nancy Binay

    Blame the general population because all of the things you mentioned are true for the general public, and blame Binay because she is taking advantage of the former’s lack of prudence.

  3. I agree!!! Gaya ng post ko sa FB! “Ganito kami sa Makati, Ganito din sana sa buong bansa” Yan na din sinabi ni VP Binay dati tapos ulet ulit sa senado naman??? Anyareeee??? hehehe Baka naman umabot na sa apo ang pagkandidato e hindi pa nararanasan ng buong bansa ang pinagmamalaking “ganito kami sa Makati”.. For me hindi boto ang solusyon jan para maranasan nyo ang mdaming libre sa Makati… Ang solusyon sa Makati na lang tayo tumira.. hehehe =) PEACE sa mga maki Nancy Binay.. Kanya kanyang opinyon lang yan.. hehehe

    • I am just wondering since na brought up yung slogan ni VP Binay last election may nangyari na ba sa mga pangako nya???? like libreng sine sa LAHAT ng mga senior ng bansa o birthday cake (na galing sa sarili nilang bakery) na pinamimigay…O baka naman gagawin nya yun kapag naging presidente siya..isa na namang pangakong ipinako hehehehe

      • Free movie passes for seniors are also being implemented in Marikina City. There are other great cities out there that have been transformed by real leaders who don’t take any grandstanding. Not just Makati.

        • Free movie passes for senior citizens are also implemented here in QC. There are a lot of leaders who’s implementing that. Wag mabulag sa libreng sine for senior citizens or free cake kapag birthday. Hindi naman ikagaganda ng bansa natin un.

        • Are we really just content on “crumbs” being distributed by these politicians? Why the talks of free movie passes, when there are a lot of senior citizens who cannot afford buying their food and medicines to sustain them? Although discounts were given to them to afford it, but they still need money to afford the discount and what worse they have to wait in line or being ignored by some lunatic service provider. How pathetic could these politcians offers just to exploit our ignorance and lack of concern for the good of the country.

    • kahit sinong magiging mayor sa makati pwede ibigay ang maraming libre dahil sa laki ng income ng city, kung magsalita si VP binay kala mo sa sariling bulsa nya nangaling ang pera, sa tax ng mga tao at negosyante yun hindi sa kanya

  4. leave the candidates alone. everyone has the right to think of being qualified to be a leader. and everyone has the right to vote. so pick on the voters, who usually acts like idiots.

    • “everyone has the right to think of being qualified” — Hmm.. I wonder if this applies to people with mental disorders. “I believe I can be president,” says someone with a mental condition. Will that person be allowed to run? Sorry, for the question, but this statement confuses me. “Everyone has the right to think of being qualified” then what? It does not mean they have to act upon it. Or does it? This is a serious question I am asking.

  5. “Ganito kami sa Makati, Ganito din sana sa buong bansa” – Kalayaan area is part of makati where holdapers, snatchers, addicts, gangs etc etc are everywhere, halos every week may nahoholdap, pinapatay pa or nasasaksak, ni wala man lang mga pulis etc, squatter area na rin and kahit mga bata puro mga adik na… ganyan ba? hello!!! ms Nancy wag mo kami pinaglololoko, sabihin mo rin yan sa tatay mo! umpisa pa lang nung maupo sya sa pagiging pangalawang pangulo kita ko na budhi nya! kaya pala gustong gusto nyang hawakan dept of interior and local govt eh dahil maraming anomalya……hmmmm ano kaya ang balak mo???

    Fully explain and clear yourself on charges in THE LORD OF MAKATI article

    VP Binay wants to be president of the Phl. We want the next president to be above suspicion, especially about graft and corruption. The article, THE LORD OF MAKATI, that appeared in the March 28, 2001 issue of Newsbreak is disturbing. Please log on to to read the allegations.

  6. she’s one of the sort of people who should not be allowed to be in the government… they are mostly the reason why people don’t pay taxes… we don’t see a return on our investment aka tax.
    it’s just so sad that majority of the population base their votes on flowery words, popularity, religion…etc. i mean really. 😐

  7. While I agree that she has the capacity to run, I seriously doubt her capacity to LEAD. She can’t even handle a simple debate, much more legislate law. Oh. My. God. I will NOT and will NEVER vote for her. Wag tayong maging BOBOtante. Just this time. Let’s give our future a chance.

  8. well said sir… she is unqualified.. she is the perfect model for those people who are scared to be criticized and scared to disappoint. Well, bad news for you Mrs. Binay cause you cannot hide yourself from the eyes of those who know and those who still care for the well fare of our country. You shouldn’t even run. I don’t care if you were forced, just by the fact that you did not made your own decision makes me sick!

  9. This is exactly what I think. I hope Philippines will change for the better and not for the worst. Do you think we’ll pay her salary from our taxes if she wins? Ouch…

  10. We’ll be wasting another senate seat for her when it can be given to more qualified people like Risa Hontiveros or Jun Mag. Sayang.

  11. Pwede pakisali na rin si Bam Aquino for Not Voting him. Halos parehas lang sila ni Nancy Binay e. I will be proud of you if you don’t vote Bam Aquino as well. It means na ayos ang pamantayan mo pag hndi mo binoto si Bam Aquino.

  12. Well, some voters doesn’t have the right brain to vote wisely. A lot of people do fall for flowery words, sad to say. But yeah… Nancy is a p*ssy. She ain’t worthy. I just had to rant.

    • Is it only illiteracy? How about some religious cult who advised their followers to vote for some lunatic politicians who donate to them big bucks, otherwise they will be condemn to hell?

  13. I don’t do blogs myself, but I’m a sucker for good and convincing blogs so…I’m with you NJay! Anyhow, it irates me that people here are either skeptical or hopeless towards this country. Please lang, khit 1 day lang will you use your brain and vote wisely???

    • Thank you Joel! Yeah, I share the same sentiments with you. We are in the age of the world today wherein a single tweet can make a difference. There are a lot of avenues to speak up!

      It’s a change in culture that is needed in us.

  14. Ang dami ng mga epal ngayun, at isa na sya. No experience, no background, no charisma, and signifcantly… no looks!

    • Thanks for reading! Well, looks is not a big deal for me, even color. Show me you’re capable, defend your stand, prove your worth then I’ll vote for you. All of these, she failed to do.

  15. Basta ako hindi boboto! hehehe. Wala ako pakialam. Boboto lng siguro ko pg mag run ulit si PNoy for President.

    • If there is someone who is Marcos-like personality who will run as the president, I will dare say I am going to vote him/her. So far, his regimen once conquered it all. Without even bashing his accomplishments. For now, I don’t see anyone who could be the next President Marcos. No one had ever top him so far. History was all fabricated. And Aquino are all practicing political dynasty. They’ve been on any positions in the government, can you list the things they’ve done for the country? well, aside for the fact that after Cory’s regimen the Philippine economy slowly deteriorating. And the revised Code of Law are shambles. Even HISTORY channel who made a documentary about Marcos even quoted saying that there is no other President after him ever top the accomplishments he’d done in the Philippine. And can you even list out the things your beloved Aquino did in our country? Ohh yeah, eradicate corruptions and…blame it all to Gloria. lol yeah, I get it. His just so good on it, almost all the things he said on his 2 SONA are all personal attacks for Gloria and her regimen. The Blamer, is what I fondly called him. Sorry, but all the things on the media saying his regimen has the highest GDP is bullsh*T. What the heck, I am one of the few Pro-Marcos anyway. And FYI…walang presidential election ngayon.

  16. Two thumbs up! I can’t even imagine what will happen to our country if this person wins a position in the Senate. It will be devastating and humiliating. BS Tourism major with no experience whatsoever in the field of public service?? C’mon!
    My fellow Filipinos, we SHOULD NOT be blinded by last names of the candidates. We should see their potential and their experience. This is cleary political dynasty.

    • The only senatorial candidate that comes up to my mind who is anti political dynasty is Ricardo Penson. I’m going to vote him plainly just for the that.

  17. She will win because a lot of the supposedly smart/educated voters are abstaining leaving only the idiots to vote for her :\

  18. Very well said! I couldn’t agree with you more! Swak na swak on every word.. How the hell is she going to propose something in the senate of she can’t even handle a mock debate with her son? How the hell will she formulate laws and bills if right now she’s showing signs of “stupidity” (pardon my choice of words). How will she defend herself and face national issues if she’s too scared to show the people her ideas and opinions, oh wait, i forgot she has no ideas for these kind of stuff! Whether her father forced her or not, very unqualified pa rin. If she wants to run for politics, try niya muna barangay councilor “start small” ika nga. Please vote wisely people coz I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna vote for her.

    • if she wins, her father will ensure that her senate staff will be composed of intelligent, smart people who will be paid well.

  19. I would be embarrassed to run for office if I were her. If her name birth name were not BINAY, no one would vote for her. She has no right trying to take a senate seat from someone who could actually do some good for the Filipino people. This is shameful, even in the Philippines.


  21. I wonder what needs to be done to educate Filipinos that candidates’ money during elections will only last for a day or two. Tumanggap kung may nagbibigay, but remember that the act alone is an apparent flaw in reputation, di na dapat iboto yun. And seriously, I only saw Nancy Binay’s TVC once and I was repulsed. Trying too hard I’d say. Vote wisely guys! 🙂

  22. Unfortunately it goes like this.
    We have politicians who don’t have brains. We have fellow pinoys who also do not have brains.
    Unfortunately these people, who fall under this category, make up most of our population. And elections always go by this rule: Majority wins. So sad, and so frustrating.

    Parang false advertising lang ng ibang fast food chains, kala mo sulit ka at maililipas ka sa gutom. Pero in the end, kinuha na nga pera mo, mamamatay ka pa sa gutom habang sila nagpapataba ng bulsa.

    • actually they do have brains all of us but most of us oh no majority of us doesnt use it 😀 those who doesnt use their brain vote this kind of politicians and as long as we have the majority of it philippines will remain as it is…

  23. the government follows a Qualification Standard (QS) for every position in the service. Sana meron ding QS for elective positions, hindi yung residency, natural-born citizen and 35 years of age lg ang basehan. Kaso the Congress cannot add additional qualifications other than those provided sa 1987 Constitution natin. Expressio unius est exclusio alterius.

    • Dapat kasi may primaries to get to know each candidates’ qualification, platform, people’s opinion, etc. Then based on that, we qualify or disqualify politicians from further running in the elections. Dito kasi labo labo. Kahit sino puede tumakbo. Employing all sorts of gimiks to draw the mindless drones. Sadly, you can’t really find someone who really genuinely cares for this country.

  24. @NJAYMALDITO sad to say your post is almost 100% true because that is what their campaign is really after. But on your last paragraph that she is to blame and that is 39 y.o. that i think is incorrect. i do not know if you and your dad are close or do not go well. If a politician has no one else to trust and turns to you for help to run under his political wing would you turn him down? would you desert him in his time of need?

    • Pre, buong pilipinas yung pinaguusapan dito. Hindi lang simpleng trabaho na kailangan ng simpleng pakiusap. Milyong milyong tao ang makakawawa dahil dun. Political dynasty ang tanging habol nyan.

      • I will not turn my father down if it’s a matter of life and death that concerns only and our family alone. But if it concerns the entire Philippine population, I must use my logic. It’s not enough that you just have the heart to serve. You must also have the intellect and capacity to do so. It’s like having a passion in singing but is tone deaf.

        ” If a politician has no one else to trust and turns to you for help to run under his political wing would you turn him down? would you desert him in his time of need?” -These lines concerns me the most. The very thoughts of political dynasties already existing here.

        Why not turn him down if you yourself knows very well that you are not capable? Don’t tell me that you only agree because you’re the last resort? So what are we making this country of? A government with a bunch of 2nd best? Pwede na? Okay na yan?

  25. Agree with you guys. It’s going to be another round of wasted opportunity for real growth for this country when mindless drones vote for useless candidates. Unless there is a real focus on education from these supposedly country-loving leaders, then the majority of voters and future voters will always be mindless drones who can’t look beyond their need for instant gratification. OR, it might be that no politician really wants to pursue education for the people, to keep the masses stupid and gullible for their political interest. If everyone is educated and smart, who would still fall for the likes of Nancy Binay? Education is the key.

  26. Step right up ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. Stare in awe and disbelief as you witness “Nancy Binay,” one of the greatest wonders of this circus we call politics, perform her mind-numbing act of asking us to vote for her.

  27. bakit ba hate na hate nyo si Nancy?dame ngang kaupo sa senado na Walng nagagawa eh pero nilulok nyo padin?smantalng si Nancy wla pang gngwa eh binabatikos nyo na?eh maano nmn kung gmitin nya apelyido ng tatay nya?eh Binay padin nmn cya ah?kung ayw nyo kay Nancy eh di wag nyo iboto!ganun lang yun hnde pra siraan nyo poa yung tao na ang layunin lng nmn mkgwa ng tama sa lipunan!msyadong kang mgaling!

    • I have idea, Angelica that Nancy Binay and you are on the same wavelength. Thinking that public speeches are waste of time. Lame thinking and lame excuses would make her a lame senator.

    • Using your logic of “kung ayw nyo kay Nancy eh di wag nyo iboto!”, kung kampi ka kay Nancy Binay or alam mong against sa kanya to’, bakit mo binasa yung ‘tong blog post at nag-comment/reklamo sa sinabi ng nag-post?

      Kung gusto mo kay Nancy, eh di wag mong basahin! Ganun lang yun, hindi para mag-reklamo ka pa sa nag-post na ang layunin lang naman lang naman makagawa ng tama sa lipunan sa paghahandog ng kanyang iniisip tungkol kay Nancy Binay.


      • Ha ha. I don’t know how you read the blog entry. It was plain and simple. #TovoteforNancyBinay is not a wise decision. He even had his seven reasons ayt? You must also compose your thoughts well. 🙂

    • Yun na nga ang problema eh. Sa dami na ngang nakaupo sa Senado na walang ginagawa, madadagdagan pa ng isang Nancy Binay na unqualified naman. Isa pa, tama ka. “Wala pa ngang ginagawa” si Nancy Binay. Kahit makipagdebate sa ibang senatoriables, or makisama sa open forum with the general public, di niya ginagawa. So pano tayo makukumbinsi na qualified talaga sya as a senator? You might as well read the whole article too. The author did say na hindi nya iboboto si Nancy. Technically, your comment is invalid and moot.

    • @ angelica silverstone – u r just dumb enough to comment like that. Tama ka may naka-upo sa senado na sa tingin natin hindi qualified or not really qualified. Kailangan pa bah natin dagdagan ang nandun para lalung maging dis-able legeslative natin?

    • ikaw din ba Angelica Silverstone may nagawa kana din ba sa lipunan? Pede ka din naman mag labas ng kung ano ang maganda kay Binay kung meron man. Anong magagawa natin sa kung madami talagang nakikitang mali kay Nancy Binay. Yun nga ang problema natin madaming bulok sa gobyerno dahil may mga taong nag tatanggol sa mga bulok na tao at nag lalagay sa kanilang kinalalagyan. Kaya nga nag lalabas ng ganyan para malaman at maisipi natin na di sya karapatdapat.

    • I believe that the post is not meant to diss. It was actually in a form of stating his opinion. We all have our own beliefs, it just so happens, Mr. NJay has the balls and nerves to let the world know what he believes in. I believe it is how you take these words and put it in your own lives. If you are truly open-minded, you read and put it in consideration rather than all-out disregarding the facts stated and questioning the man’s morals.

      I ask you this, do you have the same set of balls posting whom you will and will not vote? and stating your reasons? this is a rhetorical question. No need to answer. 🙂

    • Marami nga nakaupo sa senado na walang ginagawa, niluklok ng mga hindi nag-iisip na botante. Kaya nga nag-iisip na mga tao dito sa blog ngayon. Binabatikos siya kasi wala talaga siyang qualification other than being a Binay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It just so happens that Nancy is very visibly not qualified kaya siya ang mas napapansin. Everyone can swear to do great things for this nation but not everyone is qualified to do so. If someone loves children and wants to be a teacher to teach kids, yet that person has no degree nor experience in education, how much knowledge do you thing that person can impart? Yes, may big heart for kids, but no credentials to do it. May oras at resources pa ba tayo to just learn as the days go by?

    • Well, galing na mismo sa iyo Quote” dame ngang kaupo sa senado na Walng nagagawa eh pero nilulok nyo padin?” end of quote. So alam naman ng mga intelektuwal na botante na wala namang ganap na maitutulong ang dinedepensa mong kandidato eh pilit mo pa ring gustong maluklok sa senado katulad ng mga senador na walang ginawa lang sa senado eh makinig sa debate at mag-grand standing. Bakit?.

    • kung ganyan kakitid ang boboto lahat ng nasa senado ay nancy binay na…ahahaha atsaka hindi po sya sinisiraan..yan po ang totoo..kung ndi nya kayang ipagtanggol ang sarili nya laban sa mga topic na pwedeng ibato sa kanya..josko baka maglaslas na lang bigla yan..senate is not for her..

    • Seriuosly? ANgelica, kindly read ur post again. I think u left your brain somewhere. This is to open your EYES and your MIND. Just don’t tell anyone WE DIDNT SAY SOO.

    • Not only am I also offended by Nancy Binay but, of the same breathe, NJay’s grounds for not voting her also apply to all those fly-by-night, would-be senators and local officials who preach motherhood statements in hopes to get a seat in this coming elections. 😦

      • Thank you for reading! Yes! I’m glad we have high standards on who to vote for this coming elections. And actually, I’m going to undervote — Senators and local councilors. I’m only going to vote for those worthy of my vote. I may be too exaggerated by my one-so-called vote, but the hell damn I care.

  28. Nice work, its as if you’re speaking in behalf of the Filipino voters. Very well shared opinion and very factual!

  29. NJayMaldito sana may translation din na Tagalog. Para sa mas nakakarami natin mga kababayan na mas naiintindihan ang Tagalog. Ganun p man ‘sang ayon ako sa mga nasabi mo. Nice.

  30. Napansin ko lang po na if ang nag co-comment ay nag o-oppose sa opinion sa blog post na, maraming nag didislike. Hindi ko naman nabasa ang lahat ng comment kasi sobrang dami na pero ‘yan lang ang nakita ko. Hindi po ba dapat maging open tayo sa parehong opinion para mas lumawak ang pag-unawa natin at sa mga posibilidad? Salamat po pala sa post na to at sa mga nag-comment, this post will guide me through the election at sino ang dapat iboto. Well said po ang opinion nyo. ^_^

    – staying open and not being bitter lang. hehehe

  31. well, let us then make massive campaign that she won’t be given a senatorial seat.. i wont vote for her… there are many of them now presenting too unfeasible platforms. wake up!! we can’t allow our very own country to suffer the same as what we had experienced from other leaders. if we want change, then let us vote for those who are not just qualified but those who can truly serve. i commend you for this post sir Njay.. i hope many would be able to read this and think a hundred fold before casting their votes… we only have few more days left before the election.. thanks for this..

  32. Ampanget kasi ni Nancy Binay e kaya hindi siya mananalo. Maitim at pango ang ilong. Walang ka-apil apil e. Kung medyo mestisahin lang ba siya, e di sana marami nang nagkagusto sa kanya kahit na wala siyang alam. Mas mahirap talaga ang buhay mo kung ipinanganak kang pangit kesa pinanganak kang maganda.

    • I dislike Nancy Binay as a candidate for the garbage that just recently came out of her mouth aside from the fact that she lacks political credentials. But your ad hominem attacks qualify you to be a far more rotten person than the entire Senatorial campaign combined.

      The Philippines doesn’t need bigoted and narrow-minded idiots like you. You’re a shame to our electoral rights.

    • natawa nmn ako, pango ilong, panget, maitim lahat na! looks are just looks! when you reach age 85 (if you indeed reach all those will fade away. saka mo saken sabihin yan. walang appeal or meron doesnt really answer the question if he/she will be able to govern a particular place. or even run for senate. true pag maganda ka marami kang MAS sa panget. But we need to change that mentality. We need BRAINS, if they have the capability to govern.

  33. This one’s a good read, thank you NJay. I won’t be voting for her either. We have failed a lot of times by choosing people like her to be in the government and it turned-out na hanggang ngayon wala tayong napapala at malamang if she will be elected as a Senator this election, history will just repeat itself.

    I’m not against her, I’m just not voting for her and I know by that that I am making a right and wise choice. God bless the Philippines!

  34. The mere fact that she was “forced” by her dad to run is enough reason for me not to vote her. I do believe that entering politics and being a public servant requires more determination and willingness to sacrifice time and “life”. Being a politician shouldn’t be treated just like any other profession. It’s more complicated than that.

  35. Very well said! I’m hoping that Nancy will not win, and it pains me to see that she even managed to get a pretty good spot on the recent poll surveys. 😦

  36. how many times I’ve posted in my FB wall… hindi ko kailangan ng nanay sa senado. If Nanay lang din.. wala nang tatalo sa Nanay ko, siya na lang ang iboboto. ^^,

  37. T*ng In*ng dynasty yan! Sana naman ma-realize ng taong bayan na ilang taon na nakaupo yang mga buwayang yan wala naman nagawa nakuha pa ulit tumakbo? I’d rather vote for the new name than the popular candidate. Sayang ba boto ko? Tanga! Ok lang matalo binoto ko kesa bumoto ko sa taong wala naman magagawa kung hindi magnakaw! Sa bahay kanalang Nancy alagaan mo nalang mga anak mo! Tuta ng ama mo!

  38. My thoughts exactly! Every time I see her TV ad, my blood boils! And when the court issued a TRO for attending public debates?! My god!!! I thought “what the hell is she gonna do in the Senate?!” You’re supposed to speak up your mind especially during legislation processes, doesn’t she know that?!

  39. The qualifications for membership in the Senate are expressly stated in Section 3, Art. VI of the 1987 Philippine Constitution as follows:

    No person shall be a Senator unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, and on the day of the election, is at least 35 years of age, able to read and write, a registered voter, and a resident of the Philippines for not less than two years immediately preceding the day of the election.

    The age is fixed at 35 and must be possessed on the day of the elections, that is, when the polls are opened and the votes cast, and not on the day of the proclamation of the winners by the board of canvassers.

    With regard to the residence requirements, it was ruled in the case of Lim v. Pelaez that it must be the place where one habitually resides and to which he, after absence, has the intention of returning.

    The enumeration laid down by the 1987 Philippine Constitution is exclusive under the Latin principle of expressio unius est exclusio alterius. This means that Congress cannot anymore add additional qualifications other than those provided by the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

  40. If I’m not mistaken, abNOY was once quoted as saying na naudyok din lang sya na kumandidato sa pagka-Pangulo, pero nanalo pa rin! I doubt that Philippines will ever rise again and be at par with the ‘real’ tigers of Asia. Minsan masama din yung masyadong masiyahin ang pinoy eh, pati mga pangangampanya dinadaan sa aliw! Sa mga kababayan natin na nasa ibang bansa or nakarating na sa ibang bansa, nangyayari din ba sa ibang bansa yung mga pasayaw-sayaw at pakanta-kanta ng mga candidates tuwing campaign period? Parang dito lang sa atin na pasiyahan at pasikatan ang labanan eh! Sadly, marami nga tayong mga ‘smart voters’ pero di hamak na mas marami ang mga botante na nakukuha sa ngiti, kindat at indayog ng mga kandidato. PH will never rise again! I am so dying to leave this country given a chance!

    • The problem here is that, this channel (the cyberspace) is not the proper venue to teach the Pinoy voters.

      Who are going to vote for this Nancy? Who accepts voting money during elections? They are the ones who are not in the freaking internet! The skwakings! The skalawags! The people who don’t pay taxes!

      If we really want to educate the people, we need to go out in the streets, to the country side, to these places where these types of Pinoys stay.

      • The streets won’t work, and it’s a risky thing to do. The mass media actually have the power to change this. Educate voters, not just during elections. Let them know what a government should be. Give them unbiased documentaries about the lives of Filipinos all over the country, and how lousy our politicians are. Enough telenovelas whole day. Like politicians, these networks just think of what they can gain, and that’s profit.


    1) “And for those of you who KEEPS on defending her.” –> KEEP DAPAT.

    2) “You present yourself that you can give employment to everyone when you yourself DOESN’T have a real job on your own.” –> DON’T DAPAT

    But i agree with you. Lol. no to Binay!

  42. Mas marami sa bansa natin ang d maiintidihan ang mga sinabi mo, at mas marami ang boto nils. Isalin mo ito sa wika natin, para lubos nilang malaman ang dapat.

  43. Ok this is nice another voter that know how to think.
    So 1 thinker vs let say 5-10 million “Gone with the Wind” Scarlet I don’t give a damn.
    Bottom line she still has a greater chance of winning than most of the qualified senatorial candidate.

    For me Gordon and Hagedorn only this two.

    “May mga MATINONG POLITIKO sa pinas hindi lang sila nanalo dahil kulang tayo sa MATINONG BOTANTE.”

  44. I agree with you, but all these witty and well articulated opinions about the coming elections only circulate among the same group of people: middle class and above, and educated. We’ve had Sottos and Estradas and Revillas in top positions and these guys just made the country worse with their stupid logic and uneducated biases. Binay will win, and this country is doomed forever. Poor will stay poor, and the stupid will stay stupid.

  45. tv patrol reported a poll (i forgot the name of the polling company) yesterday, 5/8, that nancy binay is in 4th place. why?????????

  46. hey isnt it campaign period? of course everyone will be using flowery words and brag their credentials. bakit si binay lang ba nagawa ng ganyan? im not a supporter of anyone nor a voting citizen, but this is exxagerated. the hell.

  47. “Excuse me, last time I checked, there’s no nursery there that badly needs breastfeeding and diapers.”

    I think you’re wrong. There are personalities in the senate that badly need breastfeeding… so bad that they go and look for another pair of breast because the current already sagged. And diapers? Haven’t you heard about “adult” diapers? It goes along with the name Manong Johnny. XD

  48. Ah, well, it sure would suck if nancy wins. I mean, the TRO from attending public debates was already and definitely a sign not to vote for her. Seriously, who’d vote for someone who shields herself away from debates or discussions. It’s plain enough to see that this one’s just gonna be one of the pawns that can be used and be disposed of easily. What is she gonna do during debates? Sit tight and relax? Nod when needed? If that is so, I’d rather buy a bobble head figure of her and place it in the senate.

  49. hi! did you vote for PNoy back in 2010? wasn’t former Pres. Cory a housewife before running for President?

    • hi..i’m not trying to be rude or anything but you gave me something to think about 🙂

      Yes Pres. Cory was a housewife before running for President but those were different times than today and I think Mrs. Aquino was (is) stronger and more intelligent than Binay..

  50. hi! did you vote for PNoy back in 2010? wasn’t former President Cory a plain housewife before running for office?

  51. kaya tumataas sa ranking etong si Nancy Binay kasi inaapi naten eh!! parang bida sa teleserye lang… da more na api the more sumisikat.. dapat sa papampam na to di pinapansin at pinaguukulan ng panahon!! Gising gising din Pilipinas pag may time! bumoto ng tama para sa tamang panunukulan..

    • tama ka riyan. when vp binay was running then for the vp post, he billeted representatives of makati’s sister cities in a hotel along makati avenue. it was during the city’s foundation day. noon pa lang talaga pumoposisyon na.

      tapos yong “ganito kami sa makati” slogan worked. marami na ngayong trabaho ang mga galing sa probinsya. ang nakakalungkot lang bilang mga street beggar na nangungulit sa mga dayuhang turista.

  52. Kudos on an excellently-written article regarding the insane political aspirations of one Nancy Binay. Your displeasure and frustration with her is very well-founded, as so many of us on the online community know. It is sad when someone with her qualifications (or sordid lack thereof) has the audacity to try and hoodwink the Filipino people into electing her as one of the highest public officials in the land. Coming from a family of certified traditional politicians, one can only dread the power her family will wield once she attains the much-coveted position of Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. It is a known fact that despite the Binays ruling Makati City for nearly three decades, many of its citizens live in abject poverty, a fact that I rarely miss as I travel through the shanty areas of their bailiwick to and from work on a daily basis.

    What is disheartening is that she has placed very well in national surveys and opinion polls, while more deserving candidates like Risa Hontiveros end up outside of the Magic 12. To this day, the disdain from the defeat of highly touted candidates like Mareng Winnie Monsod and the late Raul Roco in past elections leaves a scar on my psyche of the Philippine electorate. What puzzles me is how the masses can elect the same stale bunch of names cycle after cycle while they remain in their so-sorry state, and then complain about how the government has failed to rescue them from their pathetic lot time and again.

    Clearly, the voters are as guilty as the public officials themselves of perpetuating this vicious cycle of graft and corruption. And unless we take steps to ensure that the voting public learns to be critical of the candidates they vote for, we will have to live with George Santayana’s oft-quoted statement:

    “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

    Again, congratulations on a commendable work of political analysis skillfully written to an angst-filled sarcastic tone. I will be happy to share this with my mates, who may not be fully aware of the threat electing yet another Binay (and one lacking any political experience at that) to one of the highest posts in Philippine government.

    P.S. I really have to wake my slumbering writer up. My dear blog has not received any love from me in almost a year, and to think I consider writing one of my personal pleasures.

  53. “maybe she is assuming that I am stupid, idiot and a moron that I have no capacity to think who I should vote for”

    Moron and idiot are mutually exclusive. MORON is dumb, IMBECILE is dumber, and IDIOT is dumbest.

    Anyway, I agree with you 100% — NO to Nancy Binay.

  54. Let’s be objective.
    > Nagkataon lang na ang kanyang pinagsisilbihan ay relatives/parents. Still, it serves as a work experience.
    >> The ins and outs of anything and everything in public service ay na experience niya, be it in a form of paper works, documentation, schedule arrangements, etc.
    >>> Nagsilbi etong training ground nya. Nagsilbi etong OJT – On the Job Training nya.
    >>>> Ang ginagampanan nya ay halos 80-90% nga. Pirma at Picture taking na nga lang yata ang kulang na gagawin ng pinagsisilbihan nya.

    Huwag tayo agad mag husga dahil lang sa Apilyedo ng tao. Salamat…

    • Sorry sir. But the fact that she is running for Senator gives me the impression that she is judging voters’ (us) idiocy and political immaturity. The very reasons why I feel offended. Anyways, thank you for reading!

    • A point, indeed. However, when you say it like this, then anyone who has served out as an EA or PA for a politician who has done all what you’ve enumerated, qualify to you as someone eligible to run for a senate post or land a senate seat? Maybe I could’ve understood if she’d run for a lower position. Say, as her debut in politics, but no, she opted to run in senate. I mean, was that OJT, a basis enough to place her in the senate? I don’t really think so. Kung sa Colleges and Universities nga, after OJT, we needed to graduate first before we get a chance to strike at the corporate world. And before you qualify to ascend in your career ladder, you needed all those years of experiences, achievements and accomplishments, and to also acquire more skills in your own FIRST ENTRY LEVEL post.

      So basically my question is this, after her supposed 20 years OJT, skip na lang ba tayo sa first entry level? Ganun na lang ba yun? Asan na ang mga accomplishments? Asan ang mga achievements? Anu na ba ang nagawa nya aside sa OJT? Asan ang proof na worthy sya to run for a high position?

      Let us, indeed, be objective people.

    • @radz hindi sapat na experience ang mga sinasabi mo, ang position as senator ay mataas na posisyon ng gobyerno d2 sa ating bansa..taga gawa ng batas ang posisyon na inaapplayan ni nancy binay ang ang sweldo ay manggagaling sa bulsa natin at ang pork barrel nya na 200M ay sa bulsa pa rin ng mga mamayang pilipino kukunin…kawawa pilipinas

  55. great effort in making this post sir… I strongly agree with your thoughts and you have my sympathy on how you feel about the candidates think of us so lightly… sadly though, this post would only be appealing to the intellectuals and would actually be disregarded by the many… The thing is, it is really futile to make an effort on making changes in our culture when it comes to voting, since the real battle is on the grass roots level… TV ads and other ways of campaigning is just a show… The real campaign is through their network of local confidant. By doing localized campaigning and vote buying people easily get persuaded. It no longer surprises me when people mention about vote buying in the barrios or the barangay level…. I’ve witnesses a lot of elections and the most common word i hear is “Magkano kaya bigay nila ngayog election” (I wonder how much they’re giving out this elections). The sad thing is that even the younger generations are waking up to this kind of culture… If only there’s enough drive for us to make a change i’m pretty sure this country would be better…

  56. an eye opener,brave comments sir..the common mistakes of filipinos in voting is that we are easily conveyed by candidates flowery words and campaign ads..know the candidates track records and their capability to lead..nxt tym sir pwde b tagalog para sa mga masa nteng kababayan..anyway i am for bro.eddie!no.31..GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

  57. Natatawa ako sa Free Moviie,Free Birthday Cake daw? eh sa tatay mo yan galing eh! inulit mo lang ang plataporma ng tatay mong itim na jejemon, pano ba yan kasi mister njaymaldito,konti lang taung mga wise voter,nasisilaw karamihan sa apilido..hahaiz! Binay leading against Hontiveros sa survey? Pilipinas Anyareeeeeeeeee? Kailangan daw mag motorcade pa daw si Hontiveros kasi kulang daw motorcades, kakatawa naman to si Binay.. tatakbo ako susunod sa election kasi pwede naman pala eh na walang legislative background….

  58. kindly translate this to Tagalog.. cause most people won’t understand what your saying.. Illiterate people will only vote for her.. so your target should be the illiterate once who can only understand Tagalog.

  59. Disciplina at pagsisikap lang ang kailangan para umunlad ang taong bayan. Eh kung may sadyang Juan Tamad lang na naghihintay lagi kung kelan mahuhulog ang bunga, anong silbi pa ang maaasa mo, e wla din. Sa usaping politiko, marami lang talagang maimpluwensya at nagpapaempluwensya. Sino at san kaba sa parting yun? Kung isa ka don, wla karing pinag-iba kay Juan Tamad. Kaya bago pa may mahalal at makaupo sa pwesto, kilananin muna kung sinong ang mas karapatdapat na makaupo. Be smart on your votes…. For me, I agree “NO NANCY BINAY” on my list…

  60. nice blog… and i have to agree… Nancy Binay said that she has the qualities that qualify her as one of our Senators since secretary sya ng mga magulang nya…seryoso, PA lang taz senador agad? ano yun birthright kasi Binay xa? and the thing is she cowers away from the debates, so anong gagawin mo sa Senado kung di mo maipaglaban sarili mong punto? And please, wag nyo ipagmayabang ang Makati… the credit should go to the private sector since they’re the ones who provide most of the jobs… and another one… hindi ikauunlad ng bansa ang libreng sine at birthday cake… though to be fair she isn’t the only one who annoys me, just that she stands out…

  61. Pingback: Iniinsulto ako ni Nancy Binay | NJay Maldito

    • compared to Nancy Binay, Bam Aquino has more experienced that Nancy Binay when it comes to public service. As far as I know, teenager pa lang si Bam e active na siya sa mga NGOs and he has his own micro-financing thing to help the poor.

  62. AMEN. Unfortunately, majority of the population does not have access to the internet or cannot read your post. 2 days more to do before the day , vote wisely Pinas.

  63. Face it, people… Filipino smart voters are outnumbered by those idiots that would vote just because of familiarity even if they are not deserving.. kaya nananalo ang likes nina erap (plunderer), lito lapid, binay etc.. because of good name recall. They don’t think, they just vote unwittingly not knowing that they are pushing everything to the drain.. Wala sila pakialam sa pinapasweldo sa mga iyan kasi di naman sila taxpayers. Di nila alam na sa tao nanggagaling ang perang pinapasweldo ng gobyerno at may right tayo ng tamang serbisyo.

    Why is Nancy being singled out? kasi siya ang nasa taas ng survey na pinaka di deserving (in whatever form), nakakatakot na manalo sya. kasi wala naman syang gagawin pero papaswelduhin natin sya. Hay sana nga may unvote powers, di na ako boboto, mag uunvote na lang.. hehehe

  64. Even though I’m from Makati, there is no way that I will vote for her. This is nothing new for VP Binay making his family members run, just like what he did to his wife and his daughter, Abby. They all don’t have public service background except for Jun Jun Binay who have served as councilor (for how many years). However, the sad part is that they still managed to win because of the so-called “Binay Brand”, which I think should only be reserved to VP Binay and not to be extended to his family members.

  65. thanks for this blog.. Nancy BINAY’s slogan is “magiging nanay ng senado” how can she be??there are lots of kids here in makati sniffing solvent/rugby at pakalat makati pa nga lang hindi na cya naging mabuting nanay,sa pilipinas pa kaya? another slogan of BINAY: kay BINAY gaganda ang buhay” haizzzt!! ang mga BINAY lang ang gumanda ang buhay…

  66. honestly,why these politicians nowadays always needs a back up form their blood.?not on a lower position but simply, Senate…only. WHY O WHY???

  67. The mere fact that an obviously unqualified “someone” (just wrote this in order not to curse) to run into one of the highest government position in this country gives me the impression that we, the Filipinos are doomed. I just hope that everyone has the mindset like we do, that all Filipinos will be more discerning in choosing their leaders. Several generations of leaders had already failed us, and we are all the victims of those wrong choices. If this sorry excuse for a politician wins Senate, then I will completely lose hope for this country and it’s people.

    Please visit my blog: =)

  68. Very well said! ALL VERY TRUE. Cant show up for debates, how will the people know you and know how you truly act? a new face definitely needs to EXPLAIN and DEFEND herself. CHOOSE WISELY, remember we are responsible for molding our future, our government. These citizens have the highest deliberative and legislative functions in a government so we better vote WISELY. We know what we need. We know WHO we need. Surveys and ads are just moving photographs all sugar coated to please those who read and watch it.

    Now you see em? now u don’t. That is my favorite line for those running for congress, even those running locally. ahaha! went to market this morning and found some of those running for mayor and so on and so forth… i was like… ” Now you see em? now you don’t.” For the Nth time, VOTE WISELY. 😉

  69. This country badly needs GOOD leaders. Too bad there are only few deserving candidates. There is still hope. Vote wisely!

  70. tama ka.. d dahil kilala ang binay sa pulitiko dapat dn tingnan ang background dahil dyan narin makikita kbg capable sya sa senado..

  71. Just don’t mind her guys. She just made herself a candidate for biggest troll of 2013. I just find it hard to believe that, at 39 years old, all she can brag about is being P.A. to her mom and dad. She could have started as baranggay captain then move up from there knowing that they have influence in Makati. Serving as brgy. captain, counselor, then vice mayor would have been a better background for her but instead she chose to be a P.A. What a fucking joke

  72. Hindi PO ako naiinis ky Nancy Binay dahil hindi sya nakipag DEBATE. Ang akin lang, kong mag pagawa ka nga ng bahay, ang arkitekto ay kailangan mo pang tanungin kong ano ang kanyang mga plano. At kailangan mong sumagot ng maganda sa isang Beauty contest para lang manalo.

    Pero si Nancy Binay, gusto maging Senador ng Pilipinas na makakakuha ng SWELDO glng sa mga TAXES na binabayad natin at makakalasap ng PORK BARREL, ay gustong manalo na hindi man lang natin nalaman ang kanyang balak gawin O makipag DEBATE. Kong sa maliliit na kaso ay maingat tayo, bakit hindi natin magawang mas maingat sa PAG BOTO!?


  73. why just nancy?? i believe that there are still others who are not qualified.. yes they did some debates.. but take in consideration and definitely not neglect that some of those who debated from past to present did nothing, as to uplift the status of the country.
    idont know if you would agree.. but as of today and of the past, democracy in the philippines is overrated

  74. other people are complaining that Bam Aquino should get this kind of treatment too but I think that Bam has proven himself worthy to RUN as a senator because he does have more experience than Nancy Binay..and he didn’t have to do 20 years worth of On the Job Training and at least he attends the debates..

    And let’s face it, credentials in OJT are only important if you’re like a fresh graduate or something, looking for your first job..but then, does that mean if Nancy Binay wins, her job as a Senator becomes her FIRST job..ever?? just a thought 🙂

  75. sana po yung blog mas maganda kun tagalog para po maintindihan ng masa. hindi naman po sa nangmamaliit ako. it’s just that, mas magkakaroon ng interes basahin ng madla kun tagalog po. i hope mabasa pa to ng maraming pinoy bago mag may 13. wag na tayo magdagdag pa ng patay na tao sa senado. sana patunayan muna ni Binay ang sarili nya maski mag Kagawad muna sya. magkaroon man lang ng experience.

    • Maraming salamat po sa pagbasa. Natugunan ko na po ang request na iyan. Andoon na po sa taas, sa blog post mismo yung link para sa tagalog version ng post na ito. Salamat po ulet.

  76. Thanks for your concern to our loving country Philippines, Hindi siya dapat makapasok sa Senado. Kaya nakapasok ang Ama niya dahil napakalayo pa ng elections nangampanya na! Mahal ko ang Pilipinas, mga kababayan natin at ang ating pamilya na susunod na mga henersyon. Huwag natin sila ilagay sa mapagsamantalang mga politiko. Salamat Vice Ganda sa tapang po. Ipaglaban natin ang ating bayan. – Faith

  77. Nancy Binay will act only act as a puppet! If only the government will present a law that will stop political dynasty…(IMAGINE NEW FACES IN THE GOVERNMENT) but then again, Phil. democracy is very different from other countries. Instead of poor attaining stability, they all end up getting poorer

    • You said it right. Nancy Binay is just a result of a failed political system and an easily manipulated masses. There are so many like her in smaller cities and towns where the son or daughter is seated in a political office even with no qualification because the father is a governor, mayor, vice mayor.

  78. Just want to say something about Makati. I work in Makati and been in many reas of Makati everyday. Di naman totoong maayos ang makati sa business area pwede pa pero ikutin mo buong makati makikita mo kung ano yun totoo. There are so many street children just like in metro manila. Last week napunta naman ko sa chino roces malapit sa walmart andaming pulubi sa sidewalk tapos andumi pa ng kalsada. So pano mo masasabing tunay na maunlad ang makati? ikutin nyo buong makati para malaman nyo kung ano ang totoo. 😦

  79. Of course daddy reassured her that she will win. Who would have thought ba na Binay will win as VP. Ang hirap kasi dahil marami pa rin talaga ang hindi edukado when it comes sa botohan. Basta lng may pera cge na iboboto na. Pero we cannot limit the election only to those who got TIN lng naman., It is definitely painful to pay so much taxes and yet we know kung saan napupunta. Ni kalsada natin d napapayos ng maganda. D makapagamot pag walang pera.. Nag rereklamo nga sa taxes yung mga tao sa ibang bansa pero sila may libreng hospital, maayos ang transportation system, electricity and more. Eh tayo panay ang bayad sa taxes pero walang nihihita. But if election will be limited only to those with TIN it will also defeat our democracy. So kung tayo sa palagay natin may tama tayong kakayahan to educate others pag pili ng iboboto let us do our part to help others. Let us help in educating our fellow Filipino citizens. Lahat naman tayo we are hoping for a better Philippines.

  80. After all the nasty but truthful facts stuffs being said about Nancy Binay, marami pa rin ang hindi nakaintindi…… Let’s not vote for her, tapos, end of story! No more blabbering like ugly baboons!

  81. Please don’t forget to mention that we already have enough clowns in the senate like Sotto, Lapid, Revilla. They are there for the P300M annual pork chop. Stop the pork chop and maybe these clowns will go away.

  82. Nothing can be done here. The legislation is inflicted by clowns and more clowns. I could only hope vote for the legislations is restricted to tax payers. If you can check online polls, only a few from apolitical dynasty clan will make. But lest be real, the vote count of the wise has the same weigth as vote of the otherwise. I’m from Makati and I think Mercado and Mar wins for the Makati Mayoralty and VP positions. But nowadays, money can buy you out in politics. I won’t vote for them but nothing can be done. Expect Nancy and the rest of the Binays to cruise this coming election.

  83. ‘Philippines Named “Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a senator’ by Time Magazine. it so sad i belong to a country where foreigners called us “STUPID” I hope she’s smart enough to provide the means of all filipinos.

  84. Philippines Named “Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator by Time Magazine. it so sad i belong to a country where we are labelled as “STUPID” even though it refers to those who voted her.

    why can’t our government remove the taxes from individuals. we who belonged to poor families feed the government by paying taxes and contributions. isnt it the government should feed us?

  85. I have mixed thoughts about Nancy Binay but so far I’m still a non believer. It’s not like Makati a slum-free paradise as what his family has been claiming. I like how you criticized her objectively and not just based on her skin color which most people in social media did. I actually made a blog post which is entitled, “Nancy Binay and the Idiosyncratic Filipino Culture.” I hope you also get to read it. Great job by the way. 🙂

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