“I’m just a Tourist.”

***Spoiler FREE***

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in one scene at their Hotel room in Venice.

I’ve been waiting for this movie since December. Finally, its screening opened today! Of course, I watched it.

How much lovely Paris and Venice can be if you will see the most elegant gorgeous woman walking on its streets, Angelina Jolie. I love the first several scenes where the camera just follows Angelina while walking, her stance, her stare, her elegant gestures and I should say, her EYES & LIPS. Then, you will have the impression that this movie is more of like a game, a cat and dog chasing the cheese of a mouse between Angelina Jolie who plays Elise, Johnny Depp who plays (I would rather not disclose this *SPOILER*) and the cops.

It is not much like of an action-suspense-romance film but it’s more of like that, somehow. LOL Story starts with Angelina being chased by the police because she’s the only contact person of this man who stole lotsa lotsa money. Angelina receives these letters giving her instructions where to go and how to mislead the cops. (You gotta watch it how Angelina plays like this effortlessly.)

Over-all, the movie got lots of twists in the story and how it was twisted is the BEST. Do not expect some huge explosion and car bombings and all because again this is NOT an action film. The only thing that will keep you watching it is when you keep on asking yourself “Who the hell is Alexander Pierce?” “Who the hell sends the letter?” “Oh, that might be him…” and all those cliff-hanging ideas or assumptions in your mind. There’s no BED scene too because this is NOT Angelina Jolie’s “Original Sin” movie. No, she did not show her butt.

About Johnny and Angie’s chemistry, I must admit they lack on that corner. Although Johnny and Angie are at no doubt very brilliant actors that they can portray any role, there is still something missing between the two of them when they’re in one scene.

Above all, the end part was awesomely the best. I have not thought that it would end like that. And, I’m sure if you will think about the end part deeply, you’ll know what the  real message of the movie is all about.

Yes I did and I believe in that.

*hugs Angelina’s wax figure* LOL

I will have a full-movie review with specific details once the movie is off theaters.