Cake not tasted

October 15, 2010

My Dad’s Birthday was on the 12th but we chose to go to the cemetery today due to my work schedule and this was the first time we visited our Dad’s grave in a very long time. I’m with my two youngest siblings, Paolo and Jem Gem.

We went to the Cemetery, placed some flowers and lit two candles. The memory was so vivid during my Dad’s internment 6 years ago. It was gloomy and raining as if the sky was in sorrow, the rain drops as tears flow down on our cheeks as we took our final deep glance on the first man we knew and loved, our Dad.

After praying we headed straight to our Dad’s home in Manila where he grew up. We visited his 88 year old mom who happens to be our Grandma.

We had our early lunch together then talked and bonded for several hours. It was such a very nice feeling to talk to your Grandma who is very funny, it’s very fascinating because at her age, her memory was so sharp. ¬†She knows every birthday of all of her 9 children and also the death days of the 5.

After hours of talking and laughing we left and went home.

Sadly, Dad didn’t get the chance of tasting this chocolate cake we bought for him. =(

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