‘God’ in Harry Potter

In a world full of wizardry, witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment and above all ‘Magic’ a reader will never expect any biblical word to be mentioned at any part. But since the author herself is I believe a Christian, it is not surprising to notice or read any christian elements in the books.

I was surprised after I saw this line (shown on the picture) on the 5th chapter of the last book. Seeing the word ‘God’ is really a big deal because it was never mentioned as far as I can remember in any previous books and because the wizards or the magical people do not believe in ‘God’.

Since I am re-reading this book, I think JK used the word ‘God’ twice or thrice.

I have never seen any interview of JK talking about it also.

Well, I don’t think this article has any sense at all. LOL

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