Same old shit, different day

“Same old shit, different day.”

That is the everyday quote that lingers in my mind everyday. I’ve been doing the same old stuff for more than a year already and this makes my life so boring. There’s these mornings that I ignore the alarm of my phone and thought of not reporting for work and just stay at home and be free. But I guess, the universe doesn’t agree to it. I have never been absent due to nonsense reasons which I used to do for a long time now.

“The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak.”

My clock alarms at 4am but my body usually wakes up at around 3:50 am which only means that my body is very willing to go and report for work. Myself, my spirit on the other hand does the opposite. It holds me back and discourages me to wake up everyday giving me signals like: “Sleep more, you need it.”
I must say at some point I was about to agree to what my spirit is telling me but I refused because I know that it will give me no good at all.

“Be thankful and stop complaining.”

A quote which enlightens me every time if thought of the quote same old shit. It makes me to be more positive and more appreciative in life. I am just like encouraging myself that “Hey, it’s still okay. You are still fortunate to have a work. Be thankful for it.”

I guess at some point in our lives this kind of moment really happens. Where you just wanna go somewhere, reflect and think of what you really want in life. Then there will come a time that it is just a phase of realizing that what you needed is already there in front of you. It may not be the best, but it is worth to live for. Because life progresses which says: “The best is yet to come.”

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